Micro Nano Bio Fluidics Unit


Courses taught at IIT Madras
Sl. No. Course No Course Title
1 ME 6008 Microfluidics and Microsystems
2 ME 6040 Incompressible Fluid Flow
3 ME 1100 Thermodynamics
4 ME 2240 Instrumentation and Control
5 ME 3280 Mechanical Engineering Lab II
5 ME 3270 Mechanical Engineering Lab I
6 ME 6080 Measurements in Thermal Engineering
NPTEL course
New Course Developed

Microfluidics and Microsystems (ME 6008)

QIP/CEP courses

QIP and CEP course on "Recent Advancements on Microfluidics", Jan 14-18, 2013, IIT Madras.

QIP and CEP course on “ Microfluidics Based Healthcare Diagnostics and Interfacial Phenomena”, Nov 06-11, 2017 , IIT Madras.